Identify Quality in the Customer Call Center Experience

By Keith L. Scott, MBA, PMP

The Customer Experience (Cx) is often considered an intangible concept which can be difficult to extract actionable insight.  Organizations which do not have a systematic method of measuring the quality of the Cx in the contact center perceive their Cx as – good, bad, or indifferent.  By not measuring the level of Cx in a systematic and organized fashion, organizations are essentially blind to whether they are serving their customers properly or not.  Customers want an instant, reliable service that communicates with them on whatever channel or platform they choose, which means the contact center operational efficiency needs to be at peak performance or risk customer dissatisfaction.

Improving Cx is driven to a successful outcome by establishing a Quality Assurance Framework (QAF).  Leveraging a QAF to evaluate call center agent performance will identify the relevant fact-based data driven measures that will drive Cx improvements.  The challenge has always been implementing the right processes, technology, and systems to collect data.  To fully benefit from the establishment and execution of a QAF, organizations must

  • Identify who determines “quality”.  Quality can be determined by many different stakeholders such as customers, citizens, residents, government regulations, organizational leaders, etc.
  • Determine the goals of achieving quality.  Is your organization seeking to improve performance, remain in compliance, innovate service delivery, etc.?
  • Understand the inputs of determining quality.  What data is available to assess the quality of the contact center and what method do we acquire that data – surveys, evaluations, analytics, self-scoring?
  • Allocate the “quality team”.  What internal stakeholders will be involved in assuring quality is delivered – executive leadership, QA team, analysts, contact center agents, etc.?
  • Determine how quality can be improved.  What initiatives must be in place to achieve continuous quality controls and improvement – ongoing oversight and performance management, coaching, training, etc.?
  • Identify what good looks like.  To improve the Cx, your organization must identify measures, behaviors, received feedback, and determine Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score etc.

The goal of every contact center is to provide the proper support needed and an overall positive Cx.  K.L. Scott & Associates has a long-proven history of establishing quality assurance and assessment frameworks that drive organizational efficiency gains and effective transformation.  We have worked with a several clients across the US with a focus of operational improvements that make immediate and long-term impacts to their organization and we will deliver these results for your organization.

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