An Aging Workforce

By Keith L. Scott, MBA, PMP

An aging workforce and talent shortage are now emerging as the top risk facing government organizations. This is not isolated to government as the U.S. workforce is aging across all industries, but it has a larger impact in local, state, and federal government. In fact, 60 percent of government workers will be eligible to retire in 5 to 10 years as over 30 perfect of government workers are over 55 years of age. Government leaders must address the loss of institutional knowledge that will occur in the next five years.

Here are some fun facts of what CxOs are saying in a recent survey:
• 52% - We need some new types of talent in a few places in our organization
• 23% - We do not really need to change the types of talent that we have
• 16% - We need many new types of talent in large volume
• 9% - We need to completely raise the nature of our talent base

Government agencies that focus on improving their digital skills will mitigate the risks facing the imposing depletion of their workforce. In fact, 63% of CxOs are likely to change their business model in the next three years and have a management initiative to make their business more digital, collaborative and innovate. To move to “digital”, information technology is expected to drive the transformation. IT will focus on empowering a remote workforce, create secure collaborative environments, and automate workflow that provides a framework for continuous improvement. Government leaders must plan for continual change in the structures of their organization and how they deliver service value.

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