Business Strategy and Execution

Strategic Planning and Business Plan Development

Whether you are starting a new venture, expanding a product or service into new markets, reassessing your strategic approach to business, business planning is a continuous process. K.L. Scott & Associates has worked with numerous companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations across a wide variety of industries to help develop a "living" business planning process that addresses the following challenges:

  • Flexibility to address changing business conditions while maintaining adherence to the organization's vision and long-term strategic direction;
  • Executive Buy-in to gain the attention of senior management while including leadership in the planning process;
  • Capacity to achieve the company's goals and vision with current resources
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement to measure the progress against the goals set forth in the business plan and identifying warning signs early in the process;
  • Organization and Resource Alignment to ensure the company has or develops the proper skill-sets and resources to effectively execute the plan; and
  • Opportunity Identification to discover growth opportunities outside of the existing businesses.

We help our clients design a systematic business planning process that effectively provides the connection between strategy development and execution. We base all of our recommendations on a deep understanding of our client's value chain, competition, and market position combined with our experience in strategy implementation and organizational effectiveness.