Organizational Assessment & Transformation Strategy

K.L. Scott & Associates (KLS&A) applies a behavioral science approach to analyze organizational transformation, determine organizational readiness for change, and identify organizational capability for transformational change.  Our approach is to collect data and analyze independent and interdependent factors that impact organizational performance using KLS&A’s organizational performance assessment framework.  We identify strengths as well as opportunities for organizational transformation as we assess culture and leadership, skills and behavior, governance, and communication.

Our organizational assessment framework is a configurable and repeatable process that applies social behavioral best practices and has been proven effective for government agencies and departments. Our framework is designed to help leaders assess where their organization is in the transformational process, identify organizational gaps, mitigate risks and issues that pose resistance to change, identify transformational strategies, and prioritize strategies on an implementation roadmap and strategic plan.

Our services help clients

  • Improve organizational effectiveness
  • Maximize employees’ potential and amplify their contributions to organizational success
  • Assess issues and challenges within an organization and administer intervention and change strategies
  • Align human behavior within the organization’s mission, strategy, structure, processes, and objectives
  • Promote organizational values