"For the last 5 years, K.L. Scott & Associates has assisted Alachua County, FL with performance measurement, performance reporting, performance alignment to our strategic guide, and strategic planning.  The use of the AchieveIT Software solution through K.L. Scott & Associates has significantly increased our managerial reporting, dashboard usage, and performance monitoring.  Alachua County has more than 160 operational measures and we are able to easily monitor progress and report by focus area, department, measure status, and a number of other factors.  We now have 100% departmental usage of our performance reporting and strategic alignment system.  Our partnership with K.L. Scott & Associates has been a tremendous success!"

Donna Bradbrook, Strategic Performance Manager of Alachua County, Florida

"K.L. Scott & Associates did a business process analysis for my department that identified money-saving operational reforms and laid the foundation for the development of the Department of Public Instruction’s first strategic visioning process."

Kirsten Baesler, Superintendent of North Dakota Department of Public Instruction